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MyProTec - buy: - Made in Germany. Tests, experiences and information on Nano-protection with nanotechnology.

This mobile protection and screen protector protects your device and keeps it free from bacteria.: Without screen protector, carrying cases and cell phone case to protect your smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or Tab.

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MYPROTEC Made in Germany
Turn your smartphone into a Nano Phone

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Use a technology that was developed for space travel, to make materials more resistant. Using this patented technology now completely new product categories are developed and made available.

MYPROTEC comes from the field of "molecular nanotechnology" (MNT). MYPROTEC differs significantly from conventional other "nano-products", where only a superficial coating takes place. Further information

The first available product is MYPROTEC for your cell phone, smartphone, tablet, navigation system or notebook. With MYPROTEC you can "compress" your smartphone. In order to increase the resale value of your device tremendously. The risk that your device breaks, is reduced to a minimum.

• Enormously higher resale value of your device!
• Up to 600% resistant!
• Hardly any bacteria on your screen!
• With a wipe fingerprints and smeared surfaces have disappeared!
• No complicated cases, bags and protectors more!
• One application is enough!

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A question :
Can you play a video or send a WhatsApp message or SMS?

Yes ?
Then you can earn a lot of money with MYPROTEC!

The company has set out to change the network marketing industry. It's time for a sustainable system which excludes all main reasons for the failure. - Starting of course with a very lucrative business compensation plan!

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The compensation plan provides 5 types of bonuses

There are 5 stages of their careers, based solely on the volume of product.
*1* STAR
**2** STAR
***3*** STAR

Just look at this almost 8 minute video to learn more!

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The SALESBONUS the bonus, which every partner has been waiting in network marketing. He rewards ACTIVE and PASSIVE with a monthly income.

For each product ordered to get PV (PRODUCT VOLUME POINTS)! No matter who orders a product in your FIRST THREE LEVELS, you always get the points.

Each point is worth 1 euro and will be paid at the end of the month. To be eligible for this Bonifikation, you need even only 2 PV month. If you purchased 3 towels sets during registration, you are already entitled for 3 months to Bonifikation.

Even with only one line you get this bonus in the first 3 levels. With only one person you can earn thousands of euros a month - with a product that everyone wants to have! All things that happen in your team, you come to Good.

Once you have reached the position *1* STAR, you are qualified for the STARBONUS I.

Compensation always corresponds to the career level that you have achieved in the accounting period. Even as *1* STAR you need is a line with 500 PV (250 Nano-Protect towels).

You even only need 2 PV to be eligible for this bonus. The higher your career level, the higher will be your STARBONUS I. This grows up to 5 euros for a Nano-Protect Set.

If another partner of the team also reached a career level, the bonus will be divided. Example: You are a ***3*** STAR and qualify for Euro +4 STARBONUS I (for 2 PV). Another partner is *1* STAR and thus eligible for +2 Euro STARBONUS I (for 2 PV). You will then receive the difference of 2 euro.
By STARBONUS II engages another exciting Bonifikation. This enables participation in the commission of other partners in career levels and also pays out at partners with a higher career level than oneself.
You receive this bonus starting from the career stage **2** STAR. He will help you build other partners in career levels.

The bonus is paid at a depth of 6 LEVELS.
This means that your first partner with a career level (no matter which) is set to STARBONUS II-LEVEL1. If another partner reached a career level in the team of your partner, you will get the STARBONUS II-LEVEL2.
Did you achieve the career stage ***3*** STAR, you qualify for a SHARE of the WORLDPOOL.

As a WLM-DIAMOND, you already received 3 SHARES from the WORLDPOOL.
For each ***3*** STAR you build, you get an additional share. For each DIAMOND you have built, you will receive two additional shares.

You can reach the DIAMOND-ELITE by building 2 DIAMONDS in different lines.
That is, you need a Powerleg with at least 20,000 points for a DIAMOND and the same in a second line.
If you have reached, you drive your dream car "For Free" (worth up to 2,000 euros per month)!
Every 6 months you must confirm this rank! You will also receive the VIP PACK during the International Convention.

- Flight tickets first class for 2 persons
- Hotel suite for 2 persons
- Limousine service during your stay
- VIP Launch at the events

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This website, we provide our partners for their purposes free of charge - of course then having your own registration link!

MyProTec - buy: As a distributor, you can recommend the products through the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and earn money. There is also a brilliant marketing plan, compensation plan. We provide you free on a website / landing page.

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MYPROTEC - Test with a hammer
MYPROTEC - Nanotechnology - How it works
MYPROTEC - affiliate program compensation plan, marketing plan
MYPROTEC - Product Video (short)



MYPROTEC - Product Video (short)

MyProTec - Nano-Protection Made in Germany! Whether Tab, mobile phones, smartphone, tablet or notebook. A screen-protection or a protection film is no longer necessary. - The following information, consumer tests and advice for protecting your equipment with the new nanotechnology. : MyProTec - buy: !

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